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Custom 3D Printing

Team Maniacs is happy to provide the FPV industry with professional and affordable 3D printing services. If one of the many 3D printed products we carry is not what you need, and you need something custom, you have made it to the right page! 


Placing An Order

Price: The cost for custom 3D printing is $2.49/hour, with a minimum $4.99 charge (labor based file and printer setup fee that is the same with every print). Pricing on the invoice will accurate to the minute, if it is more than $4.99. For reference, a GoPro mount typically takes us 4-6 hours to print, depending on the mount. Something smaller will take less time, something bigger will take more. 
For example, a 1 hour print would be $4.99 (because $4.99 is our minimum charge).
A 4 hour print would be $2.49 x 4 = $9.96 + shipping and tax as applicable. This is typical of a GoPro mount (REALLY depends on the file, could be more or less for your file).
Placing an Order

  1. Below is a quick guide to how to place an order! Following the guide will make for the quickest turnaround on your item. We're looking forward to printing your item!

  2. Find or design the STL file you'd like us to print!

  3. Send an email to In the email, attach your STL file and please let us know how many of the item you want and what color you want it printed in. 

  4. Our team will look over your file and email you back an invoice for that item and shipping. The team will also email you telling you that we've compiled a quote and sent over an invoice.

  5. Pay the invoice, AND email the team at to let our techs know that your order has been paid (just respond back to the email they sent telling you that they sent over an invoice). Emailing our team will avoid an unnecessary delay and allow us to immediately start on your print.

  6. When the item ships you will get a shipping notification. If the team has trouble printing your file for whatever reason, they'll email you and if it cannot be printed then you will be refunded in full.

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