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The Oily Rig is designed and manufactured from the ground up by TeamManiacs. With the purpose of being a freestyle bando basher. Extensive field testing has gone into this frame. To ensure it will hold up to the most brutal environments and crashes.


3D Prints

Build Video By APONE

Oily Rig 7"

  • Brand Name: TeamManiacs

    Model: Oily Rig

    Weight: 150g

    Arm Geometry: True X

    Arm Size: 7mm 7"

    Propeller Size: 5 inch / 5.1 inch

    Stack Mounting: 20x20mm / 30.5x30.5mm

    Carbon: 3K Twill Matte

    Standoffs: M3 6mm Thick Steel

    Hardware: M3 Steel

  • Carbon

    1x - 2mm Top Plate

    1x - 3mm Build Plate

    1x - 3mm Mending Plate

    4x - 7mm 7" Arms



    8x - 25x5.5mm/6mm M3 Hex Standoffs

    5x - 16mm M3 Cap Head

    5x - 12mm M3 Cap Head

    5x - 10mm M3 Cap Head

    5x - 25mm M3 Button Head

    5x - 8mm M3 Button Head

    5x - 6mm M3 Button Head

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