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ManiacsFPV's mad scientist is at it again. Tinkertweak delivers with a monster of a cinewhoop. The Tinkinator is a 3.5" cinewhoop that was designed out of demand for a rigid, bashable rig that still gets over five minutes of flight time. Don't waste your time and money with flimsy ducts and carbon. Have full authority to record what you want when you want. In any and all environments. The very versatile design allows you to configure it as a pusher or in a more traditional style as a puller. While still offering plenty of mounting options for all of your needs.


  • Brand Name: ManiacsFPV

    Model: The Tinkinator

    Weight: 156G

    Arm Geomerty: Squished X

    Propeller Size: 3 inch / 3.5 inch

    Stack Mounting: 20x20 / 30x30

    Carbon: 3K Twill Matte

    Standoffs: M3 5.5mm

    Hardware: M3 Steel

  • Carbon

    1x - 5mm Top Plate

    1x - 4mm Bottom Plate



    4x - 25x6mm M3 Hex Standoffs

    4x - 25x4mm M3 Hex Standoffs

    5x - 8mm M3 2.5mm Hex Button Head

    5x - 8mm M3 2mm Hex Button Head

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